Corporate Integrity

GSH CORP started with a blood bank in the city of Ribeirão Preto/SP and is currently the largest private group of hemotherapy services in the country, having recently integrated nuclear medicine services into its operations.

This growth was mostly organic, with the highest standards of quality and integrity being guaranteed throughout the entire expansion process. This is the essence of GSH CORP: providing services in the health area with excellence, safety and operational capacity, all done with ethics and transparency.

We believe that success is linked to credibility and, for that, we assume in our trajectory of more than 40 years, the commitment with integrity, with principles and ethical values ​​that guide the day to day of all, as well as the relations between collaborators, customers, suppliers, service providers, shareholders and public bodies.

In this new phase of expansion and entry into other healthcare segments, GSH CORP could not fail to reaffirm this commitment to our employees, partners and related parties, in line with society’s growing demand for an ethical position by companies and contribution to an effective improvement in the business environment of our country.

In this sense, for GSH CORP to continue its process of expansion and growth in a solid and sustainable way, observing the highest ethical standards, we have developed our Integrity Program, focused on strengthening an ethical culture, internal controls, governance corporate and privacy and data protection.

GSH CORP’s Code of Conduct and Relationship, and its policies, seek to guide this ethical and upright action, through which we seek the growth, sustainability and longevity of our Group.

This is the way: to have ethics at the core of our operation and integrity in our blood!


GSH CORP provides the Conduct Channel, which is a safe and reliable tool through which all its employees, suppliers, customers and other parties involved in the business can make complaints regarding non-compliance with the provisions of the Code of Conduct and Relationship, policies and procedures of GSH CORP, or in applicable laws, standards and regulations.

All reports will be kept in absolute secrecy, not allowing retaliation or reprisal of any nature against anyone who, in good faith, communicates to the Channel any non-compliance with internal regulations or unethical conduct.

Complaints can be made anonymously through the GSH CORP Conduct Channel, operated by a specialized and independent company, through the website or by calling 0800 025 8846 , available from Monday to Saturday, from 08:00 to 20:00.

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