Presentation:  Kits containing 5 freeze-dried reagent vials for injectable use. The product is sterile, apyrogenic, and under nitrogen atmosphere to complex formation with the radioisotope technetium-99 metastable (99mTc).

Indication: Bone scintigraphy and detection of areas of acute myocardial infarction, with extension and level of severity evaluation.

Storage: 2-8 °C.
Labeling volume: 3-5 ml.
Labeling activity: 350 mCi

Postlabeling Stability: 10 hours in room temperature (15 °C – 30 °C).
Expiry date: 24 months.
Number of vials per kit: 5

Registry: MS.1.7359. 0001-001-3

Contraindication, warnings and precautions, drug dose: see the package insert.

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